Vehicle Branding & Magnets


Vehicle branding experts recommends that when wanting to transform your company vehicle or even your personal vehicle into a moving advertising board, vehicle signage or branding would be the way to go. Vehicle signage would definitely be one of the best, and most cost effective ways of advertising and the best part is that you cover a larger customer area with your advertisement because of the vehicle signage that is constantly on the move.

Partial Vehicle Wrap

Any shape and size can be branded, in any position you desire for your vehicle signage. We do the layout, printing and application of your vehicle signage. You will be amazed at how effective the vehicle signage method is at marketing your company.

We offer various types of vehicle branding such as magnetic car stickers, cut-out vinyl, contra-vision, vehicle wrapping, partial wrapping and even bumper stickers.

A big advantage of full colour branding on vehicles is that the vinyl actually protects your paint job on your vehicle. The vinyl we use will not damage the paint on your vehicle when removed unless you had a low quality paint job done.

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