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We manufacture mainly outdoor signs and billboards and we do these signs in 2 different ways. We print onto vinyl and apply this to chromadek sheets or we print onto black/white PVC banner material. With chromadek sheets we mount them onto square tubing and the PVC gets stretched over a square tubing steel frame.

Depending on the size of the sign boards, we use either 25, 38 or 50 mm square tubing steel frames in order to secure the chromadek or to stretch the flex face. These outdoor billboard signs are either placed against a flat surface (wall), fixed onto a fence or mounted on square tubing poles that are planted into the ground. The latter option will be more expensive because you will require the additional planting of the poles, our team will need to dig holes and these holes must be filled with cement. It’s very important when it comes to outdoor signs, especially where a company, school or organization (irrespective of their location) for advertising to use large clear letters and not to use too much finer detail. We have ample experience with this where companies use too much detail and "clutter" the sign, this makes it hard to see or read the information on the sign. We can give you lots of advice when putting your artwork together, as we have many years of hands-on experience in the field of signage.

Other than large format signage, we do prints for smaller signs such as estate agent boards, also known as Corri boards or Correx boards.

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Pictures of Chromadek Signs and PVC signage:

Chromadek Sign - MountedChromadek Sign - Free StandingChromadek Sign - Square Tubing FrameChromadek Sign - ProductionChromadek Sign - View From BackChromadeck Sign - With PolesChromadek Sign - Erection of SignChromadek Sign - Erection of Sign