Domed Stickers


For domed stickers we use clear liquid polyurethane in a metered amount. The liquid polyurethane is then applied to the top surface of a nameplate or label, this process is called doming. The sticker is then called a domed sticker.

Resin or Domed Stickers

We are able to dome 2000 stickers per day due to our specialized equipment. These stickers are also known as 3D stickers, resin stickers or gel stickers. The stickers have a durable neat appearance and domed stickers are commonly used on corporate gifts or on electronic equipment.

Domed stickers or products require all corners to be curved to prevent the polyurethane from bleeding off the border. Any type of printing, full colour or black & white, can be domed. The final product has a fancy improved look that is moisture and scratch resistant.

Uses for domed stickers include product identification stickers, trophy insets, medal inserts, name badges and labels.  Almost any shape can be printed in full colour, cut and domed. There are however, limits on size.

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