Bumper Stickers


Small things make living easy and that has been a long proven truth. Putting bumper stickers for cars on a rear window or bumper is just as funny and cheering as anything else. People do various things to make their ordinary days more interesting. A product which one could use to decorate your car is a bumper sticker. Bumper stickers for cars could have various inscriptions, characters and pictures etc.

They could make people laugh or be used on the serious side such as baby on board stickers or disabled driver at the wheel stickers. These have been in usage on people‚Äôs vehicles for many years now. You could also use bumper stickers to advertise your cause such as "save the rhino" or "think Bike".Bumper stickers for cars have been around almost as long as vehicles exist in the commercial market. Mostly used as a means for making fun, they decorate the car and make them look appealing. One might say that bumper stickers for cars are a kind of fashion statement about the owner. Whether they are obligatory as some countries make them, even putting a flag sticker on your vehicle makes it look more interesting. Along with highly creative ones. These items are truly popular among the driving community.

We primarily print our bumper stickers onto monomeric white vinyl. Upon request we can also laminate the bumper stickers however this could more than double the price due to the process cost involved. We could also liquid laminate the stickers however this could possibly leave shiny pain lines on the stickers.

When ordering bumper stickers please take note of the following specifications that you will need to clarify before we can place your sticker order:

  • Must the stickers be printed onto solid vinyl or should they be vinyl cut-out stickers which are supplied with application tape?
  • Must they be printed onto white vinyl, clear vinyl or any other vinyl?
  • Would you need them to be packaged in a certain way?  This could affect the cost of the stickers so please specify any package requirements when requesting a quote so that we can quote you correctly.

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