Corri & Agent Boards


Agent boards, also known as Corri boards are used more for businesses to market their products and they are used by estate agents. The formula to quote Corri boards or agent boards is formulated in such a way that the lower the quantities, the higher the unit price is. And then the total number of colours in the artwork also influences the unit cost. This is because silkscreens, positives and setup charges are expensive and time-consuming to prepare. For lower than 20 units we usually recommend printing the boards digitally as it will work out more cost effectively, especially when more than 1 colour is involved.

Screen Printed Corri Boards

We also supply dropper poles that are used with corri boards. These dropper poles can be pressed into the ground and you mount the corri board to it. Prices depend on the quantity and the size of the corri board.

Besides the agent or Corri boards, we can also make use of Komatex, foam boards or ABS boards that are primarily used for indoor signage. The ABS boards are about 20% more expensive than outdoor signs such as Corri boards.

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Corri Boards on DisplayScreen Printed CorriScreen Printed CorriScreen Printed Agent BoardScreens for screen printingScreen printing processClose-up of corri board grainClose-up of yellow corri board grain